Zapatero says he will recall Spanish troops from Iraq as soon as possible

Spain’s new President has said that Spain’s 1,400 troops in Iraq will be withdrawn “in the shortest possible time”. Zapatero said today “With the information we have, and which we have gathered over the past few weeks, it is not foreseeable that the United Nations will adopt a resolution that satisfies Spain’s terms”.

“I have given the order to do everything necessary to bring the Spanish troops stationed in Iraq home in the shortest time possible and with the greatest security guarantees,” Zapatero said today in a statement broadcast on national television. Zapatero said Spain’s government would continue to support Iraq’s stability, democratization, territorial integrity and reconstruction.

Spain will also support any U.N. or European Union effort to help Iraqis’ recover sovereignty and hold free, democratic elections in accordance with International Law, Zapatero said.