Zapatero creates committee of intellectuals

Zapatero to consult committee of intellectuals over PSOE’s electoral programme

The International Committee of Progressive Intellectuals that advises José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, the General Secretary of PSOE and presidential candidate for re-election, is due to begin discussions today in order to draw up draft proposals for the socialist’s electoral manifesto. Decisions over the final content of the manifesto will be made later on this month.

The Committee of Intellectuals consists of experts in the economy, politics, communication, education, climate change, energy, peace and international relations. The job of the committee is to come up with ideas in order to help PSOE write its manifesto for the general elections due to be held later this year.

Personalities such as two Nobel Prize winners Helen Caldicott and Joseph Stiglitz are members of the committee as well as other well know personalities like André Sapir, Maria Joao Rodrigues, Wolfang Merkel, Jeremy Rifkin, George Lakoff and Nicholas Stern.

The members of the committee will participate in various round table discussions that will be chaired amongst others by Cristina Narbona, Juan Fernando López Aguilar and Miguel Ángel Moratinos.

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