Windsor fire investigation

In Spain what was initially expected to be a straightforward investigation into the causes of the Windsor fire is becoming more and more complicated.

Police are still examining the authenticity of the video which emerged last week showing what appears to be two people on the 16th floor of the building recorded in the early hours of the morning when the top floors were ablaze and the security services allege that the building had been completely evacuated.

Earlier this week, police discovered what was reported by the media as “a secret exit” in the basement of the building, previously unknown to them, which could have been used as a way out by anyone wanting to make a discreet exit from the building on the night of the fire. The owners of the building, real estate company Asón, issued a press release the following day saying that the “secret exit” was infact one of several doors leading to and from the underground carpark and there was nothing secret about it, especially for the 650 employees who used the carpark everyday.

And yesterday one of the companies with offices in the Windsor Building, Comparex, applied for permission to enter into the damaged building to retrieve a fire-proof safe which the company claims holds confidential documents belonging to the Spanish Defence Ministry. The Judge leading the investigation has given her approval and representatives from Comparex plan to enter the building today.

The Defence Ministry issued a press release yesterday denying the existence in the safe of any documents which containing strategic information, or information potentially damaging to Spain’s National Security.

The investigation continues.