White night in Madrid

Noche Blanca in Madrid this weekend.

La noche en blanco is a unique festival which is due to take place in the Spanish capital, Madrid, on 13th September 2008. It is the third such festival and is scheduled to take place with the full moon lighting up the city. The festival consists of activities which include all disciplines of art and as always the emphasis is on the avant-guarde with special attention given to artists linked to the city.

It is expected that this year’s festival will enjoy the success of the two previous events and will be faithful to the idea of the ‘European White Nights’ which are also promoted in other European cities such as Brussels, Paris and Bucharest. The festival which is aimed at endorsing commitment to sustainability and public transport attempts to bring the best of contemporary art closer to all citizens of the city in addition to visitors.

A wide range of events will fill the streets and squares of Madrid on the night of the 13th September.

With over 150 events including rock, pop, folk and classical concerts, stage art, specially organised visits to important buildings in Madrid such as the stock market, dance and theatre as well as diverse film screenings this is a night which should not be missed. Moreover all events are completely free of charge for more information visit: http://lanocheenblanco.esmadrid.com