Weather in Spain gets worse

The weather in Spain continues to be headline news here as conditions get progressively worse and are not expected to get any better until Thursday.

Spanish television and radio have reported the inevitable horror stories resulting from the freezing weather, including the experience of one poor man driving from northern Spain to Jaen (Andalucia) last night. This morning he told Spanish radio Cadena Ser how he telephoned the emergency number available to drivers three times on the way only to be told by traffic authorities that he could continue his journey because the roads on his route were clear. But as he drove along the A-44 road linking Jaen and Granada late yesterday evening he found the roads blocked by wind and snow and hundreds of people trapped in their vehicles unable to go on because of the snow. Since then until 6.30 this morning when he rang Spanish radio to station, Jorge had advanced just 1 kilometer in nine hours.

Understandably he didn’t sound very happy.

Meanwhile, 14 regions are on red alert because of the weather, and in some areas temperatures are expected to reach minus 20 degrees. Gale-force winds and snow storms have caused the cancellation of hundreds of flights (in Barcelona 140 flights were cancelled yesterday), and passengers are advised to consult airports before setting off. Traffic authorities have issued another warning today advising travellers to postpone any journeys until conditions improve.

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