Water tax in Spain

Spanish Government announces new plan to tax excessive use of water

The Spanish government yesterday announced its most recent proposal to limit the use of water in Spain and protect the dwindling water reserves which after one of the driest spells in Spanish history are at an all-time low.

The Environmental Minister, Cristina Narbona, told the Spanish media that the government is looking for ways to encourage “responsible use” of water and is considering the possibility of setting a new limit to domestic consumption. The proposed limit is a daily limit per person of up to 60 litres. According to the new plans, all water consumed in excess of this limit would be charged at a higher rate than the usual price of water.

Reaction to the Minister’s declarations yesterday in Spain has been mixed. While most people here are perfectly aware of the serious problem of water shortages and the need to rationalise the use of water, many question the fact that the first measures taken by central government are aimed at domestic use, rather than tackling the hundreds of kilometres of rusty, leaky water pipes all over Spain or the continuous growth of new golf courses needing constant watering in some of the driest regions of Spain.

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