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The Ministry for the Environment to connect Spain’s major rivers via ‘Natural Green Routes’

The Ministry for the Environment has announced that Spain’s major rivers will be connected via ‘Natural Green Routes’ that can be followed on foot, by bike or by an other non-motorized means. Around 1,359 kilometres of natural routes have already been opened within the programme established by the government which will cost in the region of 384 million euros.

The Secretary General for Territory and Biodiversity, Antonio Serrano, presented the government’s plans for ‘Natural Green Routes’. It aims to help develop sustainable rural development and is in partnership with the Foundation for Spanish Railways.

Serrano explained that the Environment ministry is involved in creating 16,000 kilometres of ‘Natural Green Routes’ with an objective of creating 5,600 by 2008.
He said that the government is hoping to open the first ‘Natural Green Route’ that connects the Delta del Ebro with Finisterre in the Atlantic taking advantage of the International Expo to be held in Zaragoza in 2008 in which water plays a central theme.

Furthermore, Serrano highlighted that it is supporting mobility which is non-motorized which is part of the Ministry’s campaign against climate change.

The Director of the Spanish Railways Green Routes programme spoke of the importance of local participation referring both to citizens and to local authorities which she said should set up local organizations.

In the long term there are plans to set up long ‘Natural Green Routes’ to connect Spain, Portugal, France and Italy and to create legislative framework in relation to this.