Wages in Spain

According to a survey on salary levels in Spain carried out by the National Institute for Statistics (INE) the average annual brute salary in Spain is 22,511 euros – 25,001 euros for men and 19,502 euros for women. The results of the survey show that the highest annual average salaries were found to be in Basque Country (26,162 euros), the Madrid region (25,860 euros) and Catalonia (23,851 euros) followed closely by Navarra (23,657 euros) and Asturias (22,597 euros). On the other hand those worst off were found to be in the Canary Islands where the lowest average annual salary was found to be 18,926 euros followed by Extremadura (19,099 euros) and Galicia (19,806 euros). The report published by INE also found that average annual salaries have grown the most in Murcia (8%), Extremadura (4.6%) and in Castilla y León (4.1%). On the other hand the smallest rises in average annual salaries were found to be in Navarra (1.3%), Catalonia (3%) and Madrid (2.3%).

The biggest differences between mens’ and womens’ average annual salaries were found to be in Navarra and the Madrid region whilst the smallest differences were found to be in the Canary Islands and Extremadura. The Richest people in Spain A report in world wealth published by Merrill Lynch and Capgemini shows that in 2010 the number of the richest people in the world increased to levels above those recorded in 2007 – the year when the global economic recession began. The worlds fortune at the end of last year was found to be almost 43 billion dollars (9.7% more than in 2009) in the hands of less than 11 million people (8.3% more than a year ago). Aswell as those classified as rich are the ‘super rich’ whose numbers grew by 10% and whose fortunes went up by 11.5%. Around the world the highest number of rich people were found to be in the US, Japan and Germany which accounted for nearly half of the total number of multimillionaires worldwide.

In 2010, the Asian-Pacific region overtook Europe with regards to the number of rich people living found there and the amount of accumulated fortune. In Spain the number of millionaires went down by 2.1% from 143,000 in 2009 to 140,000 in 2010 which means that Spain has fallen two places in the global ranking of countries with the highest number of personal fortunes to 14th place.