Video of terrorist threat to Spain

The Taliban threaten Spain in video message

A video message in which the Spanish flag appears and threats are made against Spain has been discovered by Spanish security forces. The video was distributed on 14th November just 5 days following the deaths of 2 Spanish soldiers in Afghanistan in a suicide bomb attack on their convoy and was broadcast on a jihadist television channel.

Spanish security forces have given total credibility to the video. It is the second time that Spanish soldiers have been directly threatened by the Taliban and it is the first time that the Spanish flag has appeared clearly in a video of this type.
The video also threatens the US, Israel, Australia, Denmark, the United Nations and France. The message sends a clear threat to NATO and US forces if they do not withdrawn from Afghanistan.

The video lasts 42 minutes. It is thought that it was produced somewhere in the north of Afghanistan and distributed through Nida, to the Jihad Centre, one of the channels used frequently by the Taliban.

The language in the video is darí, which is the official language of Afghanistan. The date it was recorded is unknown.

The authors of the video belong to an ethnically mixed group, directed by the leader of the Taliban – Shaykh Abd al-Basit, which controls border areas of the Afghanistan and has related groups in a number of countries such as Pakistan, Kashmir, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Europe.

According to sources linked to international anti-terrorist operations the authors of the video belong to one of the currently most aggressive and dangerous groups due to their specialist knowledge, their access to weapons and their military potential.

The video begins with the explosion of five flags one of which is Spanish. In the background there is an Islamic white flag. The video is narrated by a Taliban leader whose face is covered surrounded by more Taliban Fighters whose faces are also covered and who are carrying machine guns.

Images of NATO and US forces appear as well as video footage of suicide attacks in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine.