Venus transit across the Sun: Live transmission via Internet in Spain.

Astronomers in Spain and indeed all over the World are excited today by a spectacle never seen before by living generations: Venus travelling across the Sun. Clear skies throughout most of Spain (check out weather forecast in Spain here) mean that people will be able to see the phenomenon themselves, as long as they use one of the methods recommended by experts and avoid looking directly at the sun.

If you want to witness Venus’s singular passage across the face of the sun from the comfort of your computer, here are a few sites in Spain offering live coverage via webcams, satelite photos and/or telescopic images.

University of Extremadura offers this live image showing the progress of Venus throughout the morning. A large, impressive image which you can download onto your computer if you want.

Science Park of Granada offers this live image of Venus and the sun, which although it isn’t as big or as clear above, it is more colourful.

The Barcelona Astronomic Observatory at Castalltallat has set up this webcam for viewers to witness the transit of Venus via Internet.

Venus will complete her unusual journey at 13.25 Spanish time.