Unemployment in Spain hits historical high

Over six million unemployed in Spain.

The National Statistics Institute today published its latest Active Population Survey (Encuesta sobre la población activa) and the report makes sombre reading. In the first three months of 2013 237.000 people became unemployed – a rise of 1.14% compared to the first term in 2012. 130,400 males lost their jobs and 107,000 lost theirs. Unemployment among young people (under 25)  has reached 57.2% and the number of families whose members are all unemployed rose by 72,400.

This means that for the first time ever there are over 6 million people in Spain without employment (the exact figure is 6.202.700) –  27.16% of the active workforce. Nearly 3 million unemployed (2,901,000) lost their jobs more than a year ago

As news came out last week that for the first time since population surveys have been carried out (1998) population in Spain had fallen by 0.

4% largely due to the fact that the economic crisis has driven  over 200,000 foreign residents to return to their native countries, the INE report released today shows that unemployment among foreign residents rose by 80.500 in the first term of 2013 meaning that the rate of unemployment among foreign workers in Spain has risen to 39.21 %.