Unemployment continues to fall in Spain

According to figures released today by the Ministry for Work and Immigration the number of people officially registered as unemployed fell by 42,059. With this fall the number of people who are registered as unemployed has fallen by more than 250,000 over a four month period. However this is in a large part due to the start of the tourist season in Spain. The number of people on the unemployment register is now 4,079,742. In addition the official number of people affiliated to the social security system and working in Spain has risen by 50,773 to reach a total of 17,637,352. The Minister for Work and Immigration, Valeriano Gómez, has pointed out that the latest fall in unemployment is the second highest since July 1999. Nevertheless despite this improvement in unemployment figures compared to a year ago numbers do not look so positive given that there are now 171,164 more people officially registered as unemployed than for the same period in 2010 which is an increase of 4.

38%. The number of people working in Spain has also fallen by 1.18% compared to a year ago. The increase in the number of people working who depend on the tourist industry is clear. However when seasonal variations are taken into account and eliminated the number of people who are officially registered as unemployed increases to 4,267,959 which is an increase of 29,603 in unemployment at the close of July compared to June. According to the Secretary of State for Employment, Mari Luz Rodríguez, the decrease in unemployment in July together with the gradual decrease in the number of unemployed over a consecutive three month period previous to this is ‘good news’ and ‘encourages her department to continue working and helping the unemployed to find work’.