Unemployment and terrorism Spaniards biggest concerns

According to the latest survey carried out by the CIS (Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas), unemployment and terrorism head the list of Spaniard’s major concerns (62.6% and 44.4% respectively), as they did last July when the last survey was published. Immigration (21.9%) has risen to third place, and the price of property in Spain (19.4%) has dropped to fourth. Other national issues worrying Spaniards are safety (17.7%), the economy (12.4%), drugs (10.3%), political problems (7.4%) and domestic violence (4%).

When asked what problems most affect their personal life, unemployment continues to be the major problem (33.4%), economic worries comes second (19.3%) and housing third (18.2%).

The report is based on the results of 2,487 personal inteviews carried out in 168 different towns representing all the provinces in Spain. The margen of error is calculated to be plus or minus 2%.

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