Unemployment among immigrants in Spain

Government report shows that immigrants not taking jobs from Spaniards

The fourth report into immigration and the labour market for the Ministry of Work and Immigration has concluded that immigrants are not taking jobs from Spanish workers during the recession.

In almost all the cases where Spaniards are losing their jobs foreign workers are also being made redundant. It also shows that immigrants are mostly concentrated in the lowest category worst paid jobs. Furthermore, the report also says that Spaniards are not returning to jobs traditionally done by immigrants despite the economic crisis.

According to the annual report on immigration and the labour market at the end of 2009 only 11% of unqualified workers were Spanish while this figure rises to 36% for immigrants.
In 2009 unemployment amongst immigrant workers rose to almost 30% compared to 17% for Spanish workers.

The report forecasts that the number of immigrant workers entering the workforce will go down and employers will demand more skills from this group of workers.