Two die in explosion in fireworks factory

Two people were killed by an explosion in a fireworks factory on Friday. The two victims, brother and sister, were handling explosive powder at the time of the accident.

The explosion was heard almost 10 kilometres away in Ourense, Galicia. Another three people who were working in the same area managed to escape unharmed, one of whom was also brother to the victims.

The factory belonged to the victims and is the oldest fireworks factory in the province, founded more than 80 years ago by their father. A similar accident occurred in 2004 but without victims.

Preliminary investigations by the Guardia Civil have shown that the factory complied with all the safety regulations for this type of installation. One theory is that the explosion was caused by a cartridge of explosive powder which may have fallen.

This isn’t an isolated incident. Every year there are many accidents involving fireworks which are an integral part of Spanish fiestas. In August 26 people, including children, were injured by fireworks during fiestas in Elche and more recently an 18 year old youth was seriously injured in fiestas in Jimena when the firecrackers that he was carrying in his pocket exploded causing 3rd degree burns on 40% of his body.