Tsunami earthquake aid

In Spain, as indeed all over the world, news over the entire Christmas period has been dominated by the tsunami earthquake tragedy. In the wake of such enormous loss and suffering, any national news stories have somehow paled into insignificance.

Back to normal again now, but we will kick off the 2005 News from Spain blog with this message we received yesterday in our mailbox just incase anyone living in Spain wants to donate funds to one of the aid agencies working in the regions affected by the earthquake and hasn’t yet.

Following the tsunami earthquake in South East Asia, the ‘United for South East Asia’ website initiative has been started:

The goal of is to list Aid organizations and charities asking for money to provide clean water, food, shelter, medical supplies and psychological help.

In order to make this initiative known on the net, please consider adding a link on your travel website.

Many thanks for your help and for your donations to Aid Organizations.

Euroresidentes published a list of agencies and bank accounts made available in Spain for people wishing to donate money to funds set up to help the devastated areas here: (this is the address of our blog on politics in Spain which is in Spanish, but the list at the end of the article is straightforward enough even if you do not speak the Spanish language).