Train crash kills 6 in Villada

Yesterday afternoon a train travelling from La Coruña in Galicia to Irun in Guipuzcoa derailed killing 6 passengers and injuring many more.

The accident occurred near Villada station at about 15.50pm. The train left its destination at 8.00am and was due to arrive in Irun at 20.35pm. The injured were taken to 6 hospitals by helicopter and ambulance. According to eye witnesses the train derailed on a curve and crashed into a pillar on a bridge just outside Villada station.

Official sources say the train was packed with passengers many of whom were pilgrims returning from Santiago de Compostela where about 200 boarded the train at 9.05am.

It has been suggested that the accident was due to excess speed as the place where it happened is not especially dangerous according to Renfe officials. Further investigations are taking place into the causes of the accident and the train’s black box, which has now been located, is being used to provide vital clues as to what happened.

It is thought that within 48 hours further details will be known and that train services will be able to resume by Wednesday morning.