Train collision in Valencia’s metro

Three trains crashed into eachother in Valencia’s metro network this morning. Nobody was killed, but according to first reports 35 people were injured, 4 of whom have been taken to hospital and their condition is described as serious.

The crash occurred on Linea 1 between Paiporta and Picanya about 5 km. from the centre of Valencia. Apparantly three trains received instructions to brake. The first one was able to brake normally, the second managed to brake with difficulty and just avoided hitting the train infront, but the third was unable to brake on time and crashed into the second one. Two train drivers are among the seriously injured.

The President of the Valencian Regional Government has visited the scene of the accident. It is still unclear whether the crash occurred because of a fault in the emergency brake system of the third train or because of human error. The line has now been cleared, and trains are running normally again.

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