Tourists arriving drunk in Majorca

In an interview with the medical team at Majorca airport those working in the team have spoken out about the increasing number of passengers who arrive drunk especially during the summer months.

Last year the medical team at Son Sant Joan airport attended to 2,200 emergencies at the airport and so far this year the team has treated 1300 passengers.

The medical team is in charge of treating the 12,000 staff who work at the airport as well as the thousands of passengers who pass through the airport everyday. In fact during the year approximately 22 million passengers pass through the airport which works out at around 60,000 passengers a day.

The medical team which works 24 hours a day consists of seven doctors, five nurses and four ambulance drivers. When asked what type of incidents were most common they mentioned people fainting at the airport during the check-in process, people who had fainted during flights, people falling but also the increasing number of injuries related to alcohol.

The team spoke about passengers who have drunk so much during their flights that they can’t even leave the plane using the steps. The medical team has even found passengers lying in the aisle who need to be carried off the plane. Luckily the doctors and nurses in the medical team nearly all speak some English as well as German and Dutch so are able to communicate with most of the passengers requiring treatment.

They also said that a lot of the people who suffered falls in the airport were drunk at the time and there have been cases where children have fall off luggage trolleys – sometimes as a result of their parents being drunk.

The medical team said that they have also treated high numbers of children who have suffered some type of injury while their parents were waiting for their luggage.