Tourist safety in Spain

This morning a woman was killed in Alicante’s Postiguet beach by one of the tractors cleaning the beach. The woman was 54 and was lying on the sand when the vehicle caught her unaware.

Tourists are warned to take the following precautions while on the beach during their holidays in Spain this Summer:

  1. If you do go for early morning strolls along the beach, bear in mind that the beach cleaning forces are usually in action from about 7.00 a.m. to 9.00 a.m. They are dangerous machines and visibility is limited from the driver’s position.
  2. Always check the beach-safety services flag. Green means it is ok to go for a swim, yellow means be careful and don’t go too far out into the sea, and red means stay out. These warnings are not made to inconvenience beachgoers – if the red flag is out it really does mean that it is dangerous to go swimming in the sea, because of currents. Each Summer tourists drown when swimming in the sea in Spain, and often it is because they did not notice the red flag.

  3. Don’t forget you aren’t allowed to take animals to the beach. For the past two years Spanish police have become much stricte. If you are found walking your dog along the beach you are liable to a fine on the spot.
  4. If you are on a rocky beach, buy some secure rubber shoes to use when going swimming. Otherwise you may be stung by one of the many species of sea anemone or sea urchins and while not fatal obviously, the stings can be very painful and may need treatment.
  5. Most beaches have a Red Cross post somewhere for any first-aid emergencies. Look for one if you need it.