Torturous lives for Greyhounds in Spain

This is a letter we received in our mailbox yesterday:

I am writing to alert you of the ongoing atrocities and horror that

the greyhounds in Spain endure every year. Incredibly, few people

know about this.

Roughly 10,000 greyhounds every year in Spain are hanged

from trees, thrown down wells or abandoned in the woods or

streets to die. Some are burned alive.

UNBELIEVEABLE? It is unfortunately true. My blood boils

just thinking about it. Farmers and hunters in the Spanish

countryside where roughly 30 million people live own these

greyhounds (called ‘Galgos’ in Spanish) and use them for

hunting hares and sporting. These poor animals live in

deplorable, crude and cruel conditions. Many are crammed

in sheds without daylight for days- even up to a week- with

very little food. Some are crudely kept in the back of vans and

have died from heat exhaustion.

They get little food or water.

After an exhaustive day of hunting, dogs that hunted well might

be “rewarded” with stale bread and fresh water. Poor-performing

dogs are often left behind in the woods to die or are hung from a

tree by its owner.

Every year after hunting season, the hunters/farmers kill their

greyhounds or abandon them. Stemming from a macho mentality

and decades-long tradition, hunters hang their hounds from trees.

Dogs who hunted well get the ‘privilege’ of being hung from a high

branch. Those who hunted poorly are ‘hung low’ so their feet touch

the ground, ensuring a slow, tortuous death. They EVEN HAVE A

NAME for this: the “PIANO PLAYER” because the dogs frantically

scrabble their legs in a vain attempt to live.

Warning: These pictures are upsetting but show the truth.

Here is a BBC article

“Life of a Galgo”, written by a Spaniard, is an insightful article

located on Anne Finch’s website, Greyhounds in Need.

Anne’s organization has worked tirelessly for years to save

these greyhounds.

Spain’s national animal protection laws apply to dogs that are pets.

But hunting and sporting dogs are NOT considered pets!

Spain must enact a law that gives hunting/sporting or abandoned

dogs the same legal protection afforded to pet dogs.

I believe it will take external pressure to convince Spain

to change its laws. EACH OF YOU can make a difference.

Together we can create that pressure.

I humbly ask each of you to do TWO things:

1) Please forward this letter to your all your friends

and family who love animals.


2) Please send an email to Senora Cristina Narbona, the

Spanish Environmental minister who can change animal

protection laws. She is sympathetic to animals but lacks

support within the Spanish government.

Our emails will give her ammunition.

Her email:

Politely tell her in English or Spanish how you feel after

seeing the pictures above. A sample letter:

Dear Senora Narbona,

I recently learned about the barbaric and violent treatment

of the Galgos/Greyhounds in Spain. I am horrified.

I will not to travel to Spain or buy Spanish products

until Spain changes its laws to protect hunting/sporting

or abandoned dogs the same way pets are protected.

Civilized societies have laws that protect ALL DOGS

from neglect, abuse and torture.

Please do the right thing and enact laws to protect these

docile, sensitive creatures.

Thank you.

And please cc: the Spanish government id & the

Agriculture Minister, Mr. Juarez, at the Embassy of

Spain in Washington, D.C. at and, respectively.

Mr. Juarez may reply with his pat answer he has used for years

saying that ‘all is well with the greyhounds’, but this is false!

There is no legal protection whatsoever for these dogs.

The killings continue every day.

Do not underestimate the power you each have to end

the suffering of these docile and sensitive animals.

Thank you for doing these two things and for caring.

T. Smith

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