This year tax payers in Spain can declare taxes via txt messages

Tax-payers in Spain will be able to make the annual tax declaration by text message or TDT interactive digital television

Tax declarations can be submitted as from the 2nd April for those people who accept their calculations sent by the Tax office. Confirmation of tax calculations can only be made when they are negative or result in zero.

For the first time tax declarations will be available using TDT interactive digital television using a decodifier and a telephone connection to be able to send information to the Tax Office using the TDT remote control. For example to apply for your tax calculation you would need to press in your national identity document number (DNI) together with the information from the box marked 681 from your last tax declaration – the same method as via the internet. Information will be sent in coded language directly between the person making the tax declaration and the Tax Office.

Tax declarations can also be made by sending a text message to 5025 with the message RENTA space the number of the form space Company Number (NIF).

If making a joint declaration then you will need to leave a space between the first and the second NIF.

The reference number and the form number are those which appear in the tax calculation. Using this information together with your NIF is all you need to process your declaration.

As usual you can make your tax declaration via the internet with a reference number or by telephone by calling 901 121 224 (automatic – 24 hours) or 901 200 345 (with assistance), using electronic or telephone banking or by going to the Tax Office in person. As well as confirmation of tax calculations you can also obtain information on tax and property values.

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