The Real Madrid exceeds the top of the 600 million in revenue

“Real Madrid will be, for the tenth consecutive year, the sports organization in the world with more revenue,” said Florentino Perez today during the presentation of financial results for the 2013/14 season.

Real Madrid Florentino Perez Results
Florentino Perez, president of Real Madrid
The figures are record: 603.9 million euros in revenue, the highest amount ever achieved by the Real Madrid and the first time that a football team than the peak of 600 million. The data, which includes capital gains on transfers of players last season, an increase of 10.9% compared to a year earlier harvested income (544.5 million).

If the effect is discounted capital gains, Real Madrid scored 549.5 million in revenues, of which 32% to Strand Marketing (sponsorships, selling T-shirts …), were due to 30% came from television 25% was obtained from stage (box office, fertilizers …) and 13% was due to revenues from friendly matches and awards in international competitions.

“Every time we have less dependence on our accounts of television,” said Florentino Perez, who did not oppose “a redistribution of rights more balanced television” or its centralized sales, but said that “what really matters is to see how we increase total revenues, which are not suitable compared to the Premier. “In this regard, he noted that review the schedule of matches to reach the Asian audience is key.
The accounts of the Real Madrid left EBITDA of 164.5 million euros (124.6 million before capital gains from sale of players) and a net profit of 38.5 million euros.
Inputs and outputs

The President also spoke of the Madrid team transfer. “In the last five years have you spent 550 million and we have entered 284 on the sale of players, giving a net investment of 270 million, about 55 per season”, answered the question of why Madrid has sold this year what you have purchased.

“I may not understand some some decisions, but for us it is key that every year revenues exceed expenditures.
 The team is partner and compete in a context in which the football world has changed, with people who put a lot of money on other teams, “said Perez, who asked about the progress of Di María argued that wanted the second tab team, only behind Cristiano Ronaldo, something the club could not offer. Finally, Florentino Perez stressed that the club is “fully aware of their tax obligations” during last season Real Madrid contributed 167 million from the State and Social Security taxes.