Telefonica offers free phone cards worth 16 euros to European residents in Spain

Today Telefónica, Spain’s largest telephone operator, launches a campaign with Euroresidentes to find out telephone needs and habits of European residents in Spain.

This month the telephone company will give a telephone card worth 16 Euros to all of our non-Spanish users who have a house in Spain (you don’t have to be a permanent resident) and who fill in the online survey they have prepared.

We asked Telefónica to make the questions short and easy, and they did. The questionnaire only takes about 2 minutes to complete. Just click on the Telefonica banner on this page and click your way through the questions, which are all multiple choice. Once you have answered them all, fill in your name and address on the form on the last page of the survey, and Telefónica will post a 16 Euro phone card off to you straight away.

The offer is only valid until 31st November, and the cards are usable up until 31st December.

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