Teacher strike in Spain

Teachers in Madrid are on strike for a second day in protest at the cuts to education funding as part of the government’s austerity measures. Yesterday thousands of teachers, students and parents took to the streets of Madrid in protest at the cuts. Teachers in the region of Galicia are carrying out a one day strike today and another demonstration will take place in Santiago de Compostela today. Union leaders said that the strike in Galicia had the support of more than 60% of their members. According to a spokesperson for CIG-Ensino, the new school timetable which the government wants to impose will impede schools being able to carry out diverse complementary activities, students being able to use libraries as much as before and also damage activities aimed at preventing students from leaving school without any qualifications. The cuts which are currently being carried out by the government are also leading to cuts in the number of teaching posts. In Madrid where teachers are on strike for a second day teacher representatives said that 78% of teachers supported the strike although the authorities claimed that it only 43% of teachers were supporting it.