Sun eclipse in Spain

Spanish astronomy associations, museums and planetariums are getting ready to observe an annular solar eclipse which will take place on 3rd October. It will be the first time in 241 years that an annular solar eclipse has been visible from Spain. (Update 3rd October p.m: See video of the solar eclipse in Spain)

An annular eclipse is one in which the moon covers all but a bright ring around the circumference of the sun so that only a thin outer disk of the sun can be seen.

The eclipse will be visible from Galicia in north-west Spain down to Alicante in the south-east. After this one, the next eclipse over Spain won’t take place unti 2026.

The planetarium in Madrid plans to organize a “safe” watch from the Retiro Park in Madrid where a big screen will be set up showing images taken by the planetarium’s main telescope.

Observers who turn up at the park will be given special glasses with which to observe the eclipse (sunglasses are not sufficient) and an expert will talk them through the process and tell them when it is safe to look up at the eclipse.

The moon eclipse is expected to begin at 9.40 and finish at 12.24 on Monday 3rd October.

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