Summer 2009 in Spain

2009 Third hottest summer in Spain since 1970

This summer has been the third hottest on record since 1970 when the State Meteorological Agency began compiling data on temperatures. According to a spokesperson for the agency, Ángel Rivera, this year’s summer temperatures were 1.8 degrees higher than average compared to the average temperature recorded between 1970 and 2000 – in 2003 the temperature was 2.6 degrees higher than average and in 2005 the temperature was 1.9 degrees higher than average.

Rivera said that this summer had been exceptionally hot especially during the last two weeks of August. He said that only Galicia had escaped hotter temperatures than normal. Furthermore Rivera said that it appears that the cycle of hot summers is continuing which coincides with models of climate change prediction.

The hottest day this summer was 23rd July when temperatures of 45 degrees were recorded in Murcia y Alcantarilla and Madrid experienced the hottest August since at least 1970.

With regards to rainfall (measured from September to September) this year a deficit of 15% has been recorded compared to the average. However the heavy rainfall experienced in many areas of Spain last week and this may have helped to readdress this deficit considerably.