Spending on Spain’s Christmas Lottery unaffected by crisis

According to a survey of 500 people carried out by the Confederation of Consumers and Users (CECU) for Madrid the economic crisis has not affected spending on the traditional Lotería de Navidad in Spain. The average amount that people from Madrid will spend on lottery tickets this year is estimated to be around 160 euros per person. This amount has only gone down by 55 cents compared to last year. In contrasts with other Christmas expenses for which spending is estimated to have dropped by 6% it appears that no price can be placed on luck.

The CECU has advised consumers to check the expiry date on their lottery tickets (3 months after the day of the draw) and that any tickets which are percentages include the identification of the person selling or giving the ticket, the number of the ticket, the value of the ticket and the identification of the depositary of the acquired percentage.

The CECU has also reminded people that any prize money due to the bearers of tickets that represent a percentage of the price of the number acquired can be received by the bearer on presentation of their ticket.

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