Spanish villagers to vote on rural mobile phone access

Village in Granada to hold a referendum on mobile telephone coverage

The inhabitants of Los Villares, in La Peza in the province of Granada will decide today by referendum whether they want to have mobile telephone coverage in their vicinity which only has around 120 inhabitants. The initiative for the referendum came from La Peza’s Mayoress, Celia Santiago (PP).

Los Villares is one of many rural communities in Spain without a mobile phone signal and, according to Celia Santiago, a lot of locals have expressed interest in having the option of using mobile phones. Most of the population of Los Villares are over 60 years old and, according to their Mayoress, they worry about needing to contact someone urgently. Locals who work in the countryside have also expressed interest in being contactable by mobile phone.

However, in order to put Los Villares on the mobile network, an antenna would have to be installed in the village centre next to the social club which is why the Mayoress decided to call a referendum.

She claims that there are no definite findings over whether this type of antenna is damaging to health or not, but prefers for the locals to make their own decision about installing one so near.

The referendum is being held today between 10.00 and 20.00 hours in the locality’s Cultural Centre. It will be controlled by the Town Council’s secretary along with 3 other Council officials. The local police from La Peza are in charge of security with back up from police in Darro. The result of the referendum will be known this evening.

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