Spanish troops in Iraq, Storms in Spain, David Beckham in the Pink Panther

According to the pulsometro, a survey carried out regularly by Cadena Ser to measure public opinion about current affairs, 72% Spaniards support Zapatero’s decision to withdraw Spanish troops from Iraq if the United Nations is not handed over control of the situation by June. Only 15% of those asked oppose it.

Meanwhile, the weather continues to be the main news item all over Spain, as some areas have been cut off because of heavy snowfall, and others have suffered serious flooding. In Rincon de la Victoria, a village on the Malaga coast in the South of Spain, the local schools and medical center are closed today due to floods, and several families have been taken to alternative accommodation. Hundreds of vehicles have been destroyed, and many beaches along the coast have just disappeared. According to weather forecasts, this weather is likely to continue until Wednesday.

And finally the Spanish press all mention today the rumour that David Beckham is negotiating an acting role in a new Pink Panther film.

Apparantly if the negotiations go well, the Real Madrid player and captain of England, would have a role in the film as an English footballer (surprise surprise) who helps inspector Clouseau to solve the murder of a famous football trainer and the robbery of the Pink Panther diamond. Filming is due to start in May, and Kevin Kline, Beyonce Knowles and Jean Reno will apparantly act in the film which is due to be released in July 2005.