Spanish soldier faces sanctions for nude photos

Spanish Army Considering whether to prosecute female solder for posing nude for Interviu magazine

The Military court is considering whether a female soldier who appeared naked in the latest edition of Interviu magazine has done anything which can be disciplined under military law. According to military sources they are analyzing the report which features several nude photos of the soldier “very carefully“.

Pilar Pacheco declares in the article that she is a soldier in uniform and without uniform. She goes on to say that she respects the military and that is why she has posed without any badges or military emblems. She says that civil life is worse than military life and that she has always been treated correctly by her military bosses. She says that life in the barracks is disciplined something which she did not experience in jobs outside the army. She declared that in the military everybody knows their place and knows how to behave correctly.

She also said that she had decided to appear in Interviu magazine because ‘this type of opportunity only occurs once in a lifetime’. She said that ‘she wasn’t afraid to take the bull by the horns’.

It has not yet been decided whether a military case will be brought against Pilar Pacheco.