Spanish reservoirs at lowest level for 10 years

Spanish reservoirs are at 43.9% of their total capacity, less than in August 2005 and the lowest level for 10 years. The worst case has been recorded in Segura with only 144 cubic hectometres in the reservoirs which is only 12.8% of their total capacity.

According to the latest information from the Ministry for the Environment reservoirs have lost over 700 cubic hectometres since last week. The Tajo river, upon which Madrid depends for its water also presents a precarious situation and the Entrepeñas and Buendía reservoirs are only 13 cubic hectometres above what is classed to be a critical situation following which water cannot be transferred.

The Jucar river also presents a critical situation where reservoirs are at 14.6% of their capacity. Guadiana I, el Guadalquivir, el Sur, and el Ebro, are also at less than 50% of their capacity. The highest recorded levels for reservoirs in the Peninsula are in Navarra and the Basque Country.

This year has been one of the driest on record, with the lowest levels of rainfall on record since 1930.

The highest rainfall this year has been in Barcelona where 29 litres per square metre have been recorded.