Spanish police discover cocaine in frozen octupus

9.4 tonnes of cocaine camouflaged as octopus seized by Spanish and Portuguese authorities

The Spanish national police together with the Portuguese authorities seized over 9 tonnes of cocaine camouflaged as octopus in a refrigerated container which had docked in Lisbon port last month.

According to Spanish police the operation, carried out together with the Portuguese authorities, has broken a criminal gang which operated from various places on the Peninsula and intended to introduce large quantities of cocaine into the rest of Europe. As a result 8 people have been detained by the police.

Properties in Madrid, Toledo and Salamanca have also been searched. As a result around 50,000 euros, a high number of mobile telephones, various laptop computers and electronic diaries, two luxury cars and many documents related to drug trafficking and money laundering activities have been found. Police searches of properties in Portugal had similar results.

The container in which the drugs were hidden arrived in Lisbon on December 22nd and contained 24 tonnes of octopus in 635 cardboard boxes out of which 235 contained an cocaine with a net weight of 9.

4 tonnes. The other boxes are now being analyzed carefully to see whether they contain any traces of the drug.

The Spanish police and Civil Guard have both expressed their surprise in the unusual way the drugs were camouflaged and said that this was a previously unknown method of smuggling cocaine up to now.

The drugs came from Venezuela and were destined for a Potuguese imports company. The consignment of drugs was then intended to be sent to Spain for further distribution.

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