Spanish Jesuits launch first pray website

Spanish Jesuits (jesuitas vallisoletanos) are preparing to launch the first ever website specializing in prayers on 8th March which is a significant date in the religious calendar (Ash Wednesday). According to the daily newspaper ‘El Norte de Castilla’ the website will allow users to pray online and also to download prayers.

The website will contain 12 minute long recordings which will combine religious music, religious texts and questions for personal reflection with the aim of helping believers feel closer to God during their everyday lives. It is also expected that as well as daily prayers will include other contents such as prayers to use on the Camino de Santiago.

One of the priests behind the launch of is the Jesuit, José María Rodríguez Olaizola, who believes that this project will help the faithful to pray when the time suits them or during car journeys or while using public transport.

Although the idea is new to Spain three years Prayasyougo.

org was lunched in the United Kingdom by British Jesuits and now receives around 90,000 visits a week.