Spanish government transparency report

According to a report published today Andalucía and Galicia are the most transparent autonomous regions while Cantabria comes bottom of the list.

The study carried out by ‘Transparencia Internacional España (IT)’ used 80 indicators to measure the levels of transparency in Spain’s 17 autonomous regions. The study found that together they all passed the test with on average over 50 points out of a hundred.

Together with Andalucía and Galicia, both of which were given 87.5 points La Rioja was given 83.3 points, Catalonia 82.5 points, Extremadura 81.3 points and Madrid and Navarra were both given 80 points. Castilla and León came tenth with 73.8 points followed by Aragón and Murcia which were both given 70 points. The autonomous regions which were found to be the least transparent were Cantabria which was given 53.8 points and Valencia and the Balearic Islands both with 56.3 points.

Those responsible for the study said that all the regional governments collaborated fully with their researchers.

They also stressed that the study looked at transparency and was not about corruption because they looked only at the level of information provided by regional governments in the areas of economics and finance, relations with citizens and society, territorial issues, urban development and public works

However, the study found that the least transparent area for all the autonomous regions was in economics and finance with an average of 48.8 points. Andalucía and Murcia were given the highest number of points in this area with 82.4 points followed by Madrid with 70.6 points, Galicia 64.7 points and Catalonia with 58.8 points. The worst regions in the area of economic and finance were found to be the Basque Country with just 17.6 points and Cantabria with 23.5 points.

With regards to the relation with citizens and society Castilla and León, Catalonia and La Rioja were awarded the highest number of points each with 94.

7 points. In terms of contracts and services and supplies Extremadura and La Rioja came top of the list each with 100 points. Castilla and León, Catalonia and La Rioja also gained 100 points for territorial issues, urban development and public works.