Spanish government orders a full investigation of events around the 11-M terrorist attacks

Yesterday the Spanish government said it would create a special commission to investigate the 11 March train bombings in Madrid. The announcement was given after the leader of the opposition, Mariano Rajoy, asked for a commission to be established to investigate “what happened in Spain between 11th and 14th March”.

Until now the PSOE has said that no commission would be created before the appearance of the former Interior Minister, Angel Acebes, before the Official Secrets Commission.

Yesterday, responding to requests from the PP in the light of information published yesterday in the media, and to other opposition parties, the Government said that the commission would be set up. But that its prime mission would be to investigate how to prevent a similar catastrophe from ever occuring again.

Special commissions in Spain allow political parties to call on witnesses, and both proceedings and results of the commission are generally public.