Spanish-German job deal

The German embassy in Spain has published details on its website of the requirements for Spaniards interested in working or gaining work experience in Germany and gives information on the sectors of the economy with job vacancies.

The information provided also gives suggestions on how to go about getting a job in Germany as well as a detailed list of current vacancies. According to the webpage there are vacancies in the health service, the banking sector, education, engineering and tourism.

The Embassy website also reminds Spaniards of their right to work in Germany without the need for a work permit.

However one of the most important requirements according to the embassy website is a good knowledge of the German language at the time of making an application for a job.

The German embassy suggests contacting or going directly to the Federal Employment Institute website as a first step towards finding employment in Germany.

People interesting in gaining work experience for a period of less than three months only need to provide their national identity numbers or valid passports and do not need to register at a town hall or apply for a residency permit.

However, if their stay is for more than three months then they need to apply for a residency permit from the appropriate authorities.

Those people who are receiving unemployment benefit in Spain can carry in receiving it for a maximum period of three months in Germany. In order to do this they must inform their local unemployment offices in Spain and obtain a E-303 certificate. However if after three months they have not been able to find employment they must return to Spain in order to continue receiving their unemployment benefit.

The German Embassy also suggests putting announcements in the German press especially in weekend editions of newspapers when most job vacancies are advertised.