Spanish flu

Spain’s National Epidemiology Centre warned today of an emerging flu epidemic. According to figures released by the Centre today, during the third week of December the number of cases of people with flu symptoms rose from 28 per thousand to 68 per thousand, taking it to the brink of an epidemic.

A spokesman has asked flu sufferers to stay at home so as to avoid collapsing hospital emergency units. The best remedy for this flu virus which, in principle, is a straightforward virus, is lots of rest and liquids.

Meanwhile, the wave of cold air which has swept over Spain during the past few days, leaving some villages in Northern Spain isolated and with no electricity because of the snow, seems to be abating. 239 villages in the province of Leon and over 100 in the province of Palencia were still incomunicado yesterday, and people in San Sebastian woke up to find the famous Concha Beach covered with a blanket of snow.

Drivers are advised to put chains on wheels in the northern regions, and to consult the latest road information available on the Dirección General de Tráfico website.

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