Spanish evacuees flown home from Libya

According to information provided by the Spanish government a Spanish military plane carrying around 40 Spaniards left the Libyan capital Tripoli at 21.40 hours yesterday evening. The plane, a Boeing 707 belonging to the Spanish airforce, was sent to Tripoli in order to evacuate Spaniards still in Libya. it ahs been reported that the plane arrived safely in Madrid at around midnight last night.

The plane carried 124 evacuees, 40 of them Spanish nationals, with the rest from a number of other countries including Mexico, Britain, Canada, Portugal, Finland, the Ukraine and Rumania.

With regards to Spanish nationals remaining in Libya the Ministry for Foreign Affairs is continuing in its efforts to evacuate any Spaniards who have been unable to leave the country so far.

It is believed that a small number of Spaniards unable to reach the capital Tripoli still remain in Libya. The Spanish authorities say that they are currently looking at other ways of evacuating the rest of its citizens from Libya which is in political turmoil.