Spanish digital television changes

Spanish digital TV system to change by 2015

All homes in Spain must change their digital TV systems by 2015. According to the latest information all public and private TV channels will need to move from the frequencies that they are currently using to a new radio-electric spectrum.

This re-routing will affect all viewers who will be forced to retune their TV sets and in many cases adapt their TV aerials. The Ministry of Industry promises that all costs incurred by this second transition will be paid for by the government.

The government promises to pay for the cost of introducing ‘simulcast’ during the transition period (this is when two frequencies are used). However, TV operators have clearly stated that they are not willing to submit themselves to a process for which they are not responsible. They are also critical of the government for rushing into the switch over from analogical to digital TV – all analogical channels were switched off in April this year – when the EU gave up to 2012 for the final shutdown of analogical emissions.

The government says that it will pay for the cost incurred by users having to adapt their aerials again. Some households will only need to retune their televisions while others will be forced to adapt their aerials.

The Ministry of Industry says that buildings which have a broadband amplifier will probably not have to undergo changes while those that have channel amplifiers will have to adapt their systems. In any case the government says that the second restructuring of digital TV will not affect households that use top boxes to receive digital TV.