Spanish design industry embraces Web 2.0

The Signes Foundation launches Designpedia, an online Spanish design encyclopaedia, wiki-style

The Signes Foundation has created a platform similar to that of the concept of a free online encyclopaedia established by Wikipedia. Designpedia consists of a website specializing in Spanish industrial and graphic design. In the same way as Wikipedia the contents of the website can be created and edited by its users instantly using a very simple interface. At the momento there is only a Spanish version of the site although presumably users will be able to submit translated material.

The wiki-design platform has been set up so that it can grow “in the hands of its users”, and currently has around 450 entries. However in an attempt to avoid some of the problems that Wikipedia has experienced in the past, hasa group of experts who will “supervise” and “validate” the user-published content.

The site content is covered by the ‘Creative Commons’ license. Texts and images are the property of its authors but contents of the website can be reproduced and distributed by non-profit-making sites and organisations.