Spanish Cinema goes online

Egeda, the Association for Spanish Producers has set up an internet company, through which Spanish films will be available for rent or on sale legally from as little as 1 euro.

For at least the first two months the new webpage dedicated to Spanish cinema will make films available for just 1 euro. As many as 250 films, cartoons and documentaries will be for rent or for sale.

This ground breaking initiative is one of the most ambitious projects that Spanish cinema has ever undertaken. This step towards the future is down to Egeda Digital, a branch of a the company that manages the rights of Spanish Producers. According to Egeda’s president, Enrique Cerezo it is essential for Spanish cinema to embrace new technology and look towards the future.

The webpage will have a catalogue of around 250 films, however for the timebeing the most recent films will not be available so as not to compete directly with videoclubs and cinemas. It hopes to incorporate European films into the online catalogue soon which will increase the number of films to 400 – 500 available online in the near future.

Egeda is hoping to offer its users quality productions at a competitive price while at the same time respecting the rights of film makers and actors. At the moment the only films available online are illegal downloads which are often very bad quality.
There will be different options available to see a film through downloading it from Prices will range between 1 and 2 euros through which you will be able to watch the film by connecting a computer to a television. The first option is for users to have the right to see a film as many times as possible within the space of a week, this is the cheapest option. The second option is to download a film which can be seen 3 times within the space of 3 months counting down from the first time the film is seen.

The last option is TPS which stands for tuyo para siempre – ‘yours for ever. This option would limit the film to three reproduction systems. Prices for TPS will range from 3.80 euros to 5.80 euros.

DRM by Microsoft has been chosen by the Association for Spanish Producers as the programme by which users can download and see films. However, one of the drawbacks of downloading films is the time it takes. According to using a standard broadband connection of 1Mbps, the time it takes to download a film will be 3 or 4 times the length of the film. If the connection is faster than 1 Mbps it will take less time to download a film.

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