Spanish cava advert directed by Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese directs Freixenet Cava’s Christmas Advertisement: Key to Grand Reserve

The American film director, Martin Scorsese, recreates the atmosphere of an Alfred Hitchcock film in this year’s Christmas advertising campaign for the Catalan company Freixenet.

All of Hitchcoks films were shot between 1951 and 1958 and the advert recreates the atmosphere of the 1950s. Scorsese told Spanish press yesterday that he was inspired by the idea of being able to achieve the sophisticated look that Freixenet want. Scorsese’s previous films include classics such as ‘Taxi Driver’, ’Wild Bull’ and Infiltrated which was awarded 4 Oscars this year.

Scorsese has been responsible for making adverts on two previous occasions for American Express. A great admirer of Hitchcock’s work he has attempted to film an incomplete script in English that was never actually used. The short film which will be the advert for Freixenet is fictional – the only conditions placed on the film director by Freixenet were that a bottle of Carta Nevada, a toast and the word ‘reserva’ must appear in the short film.

The short film lasts 7 minutes and will be used for the 2 Christmas advertising slots for Freixenet. It tells the story of the search for the key to open a box of Carta Nevada during a performance at the Carnegie Hall in New York. This advert marks a change in direction for the Catalan company’s Christmas advertising campaign which has in the past always opted for well known celebrities to appear in traditional adverts.

The two leading actors in Scorsese’s spot are Simon Baker and Kelli O”Hara.

Video of the Freixnet cava advert directed by Scorsese

Martin Scorsese’s cava advert has already be published on Youtube and can be seen by clicking twice on the screen below: