Spanish Catholic Church campaign against Socialist government policies

According to an article in El Mundo this morning, today marks the first of a series of campaigns designed and led by Spain’s Catholic Church to protest against some of the policies announced by the Spanish government and heavily criticised by representatives of the Spanish Catholic Church.

Relations between the Spanish Catholic Church and the Socialist Government could hardly be worse. Spanish bishops have criticised government policy on several issues. In July, the country’s highest archbishop, Cardinal Rouco Varela, declared that the Socialist proposals were taking Spain back to the medieval ages when it was under Muslim rule! And in September, Juan Antonio Martinez Campo, spokesman for Spain’s Episcopal Conference, described gay marriage as a “virus,” threatening Spanish society.

The Catholic Church’s new campaign will center around three main issues:

  • Religious education (the Church favours compulsory religious education in all schools)
  • Family values (the Church is against gay marriages, the right of gay couples to adopt, research with embryos, reform of the divorce law)
  • The right to life (the Church opposes abortion, embryo research and euthanasia).

In a press conference held yesterday, the Episcopal Conference spokesman said that the main objective of its campaign is to “mobilise the conscience” of all Christians. In an unprecendented move, it has published more than 7 million leaflets in Spanish, Catalan, Basque and Galician, explaining the Catholic doctrine about life and death. One of the sentences from the leaflet reads as follows “Euthanasia is always a form of homicide, because it involves one man giving death to another“. The campaign, which also includes advertising on television and in the media, posters, billboards, conferences etc.

will continue until the Summer. No information has been given about the overall cost (in terms of euros) of such an elaborate campaign.Related links:Gay marriages in Spain

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