Spanish benedictine monk arrested by Spanish police investigating ETA

Spain: Two benedictine monks have been arrested today in connection to the latest police investigations into activities of the Basque terrorist group ETA. One monk, aged 75, was arrested by Spanish police and taken from the Lazkao monastry, where he lives, to a police station for questioning.

Another benedictine monk has been arrested in France. According to the Spanish media, both monks are accused of having collaborated with Mikel Albizu, considered to be the leader of ETA. Abizu was arrested in France in October last year.

This is not the first time that Catholic priests or monks have been accused of collaborating with the Basque terrorist organization. In 1992 the Bishop of Irun was accused of sheltering members of the ETA in property next to his church. And just 3 years ago an ex-priest was jailed for supplying ETA terrorists with information they needed to carry out a terrorist attack against the Spanish civil guard in 1981 in which 3 guards were killed.