Spanish author Miguel Delibes dies

Miguel Delibes dies at the age of 89

It has been announced that the writer and academic Miguel Delibes died at home in Valladolid at 7am today surrounded by close family members.

The health of Delibes, who was 89 years old, had worsened drastically over the last few hours and he had been unconscious since yesterday. Last night the king called the home of Delibes to find out how he was.

One of his children Juan who was in Panama when he found out the news about his fathers state of health is now on his way back to Valladolid.

Since yesterday it was known that the writers worsening state of health was irreversible. He suffered from colon cancer in 1989 shortly after publishing his last novel ‘El Heraje’. The town hall of Valladolid has contacted the Delibes family to offer its condolences and assistance.

It is possible that the body of Miguel Delibes will be taken to the town hall of his home town where he developed his intellectual life and career as a writer and academic.

He was professor of mercantile law, a journalist and novelist.

Delibes was awarded the most prestigious awards in the world of Hispanic writing and was one of the most popular Spanish authors whose work was adapted for film and theatre. He was also one of the first people to highlight the dangerous consequences of human agression against nature.