Spanish airport statistics

According to the latest statistics published by AENA during the first eight months of 2010 Spanish airports registered 130,408,767 passengers which is a rise of 1.9% compared to the same period for 2009, it operated 1,437,113 flights which is 3.2% less and transported 420,624 tonnes of goods which is 20.8% more.

During the month of August 21,843,872 passengers passed through Spanish airports which is 3.7% more compared to the same period last year, there were 207,697 flights which is 1.3% less and 48,745,437 kilos of goods were transported which is 11.3% more.

In its latest report AENA also highlights the increase in passengers in August in the following airports: Malaga (8.8% more), Barcelona (5.4% more), Palma de Mallorca (4.7% more), Tenerife Sur and Gran Canaria (4.5% more) and Madrid-Barajas (2.2% more).

In addition AENA said that out of the total number of passengers that used its airports in August 21,734,852 flew on commercial flights (3.6% more) and out this number 13,975,941 flew on International flights (6.

7% more) and 7,758,911 flew on national flights (1.7% less).

Once again Madrid Barajas airport registered the highest number of passengers in August with 4,828,932 which is 2.2% more than last year followed by Palma de Mallorca with 3,205,081 (4.7% more); Barcelona with 3,043,473 (5.4% more); Malaga with 1,502,344 (8.8% more); Alicante with 1,114,066 (0.5% more); Ibiza, with 1,083,518 (10.9% more); Gran Canaria with 788,466 (4.5% more); Tenerife Sur with 648,009 (4.5% more); Girona-Costa Brava with 618,322 and Valencia with 549,446 (0.3% more).