Spanish actor Javier Bardem receives standing ovation in Cannes

Javier Bardem received a standing ovation for his performance in the latest Coen brothers film, ‘No Country for Old Men’, in which he plays one of the leading roles.

‘No Country for Old Men’ is considered by film critics as one of the best pieces of work by the Coen brothers in the last decade. It is based on the novel of the same name by the American author Cormac McCarthy, about a relentless persuit on the US – Mexican border. Apart from Bardem, the film stars Josh Brolin, Tommy Lee Jones and Kelly Macdonald.

In a press conference held after the screening of the film yesterday, Bardem, candidate for the best actor prize at this year’s Cannes film festival after what many consider to be one of his best performances until now, said that he had had the time of his life while making the film and that working with the Coen brothers was like a dream for him.

Bardem said of working with the two brothers that he was very surprised to discover that they slept in separate beds, referring to the way in which the Coen brothers work so well together, a comment which brought laughs from those present.

He also said that he had been very unsure about whether or not to accept the role, because he can’t speak English and he doesn’t like violence. But the chance of working with the Coen brothers was an offer too good to refuse.

Spanish film critics seem to agree that while the Coen’s latest film is very good, it isn’t completely successful in that it doesn’t maintain the same level of tension right to the end and there are too many loose ends. However they all do seem to agree that Bardem’s performance adds weight to the film. The Spanish actor starred in The Sea Inside which won an Oscar a couple of years ago.

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