Spanish activist offers free lesson on how to rob a bank

A young anti-system Spanish activist who has taken 492,000 euros in the form of loans from 39 different financial institutions has fled the country alter revealing how he managed to get the loans under false pretences.

Furthermore, the activist known as Enric Duran said that he does not intend to pay any of the money back and has even invested part of it in creating a magazine called ‘Crisis’ which will be distributed free throughout Catalonia this week. With the help of collaborators over 200,000 copies of the magazine will be handed out.

In the magazine the activist describes in detail how he managed to ‘rob’ so much money from banks and building societies by applying for loans for supposed building work or a new car. He even set up a company in order to justify applications for credit. Enric Duran also admits to inventing a profession and making false pay slips so that the banks would grant him loans. In the magazine he says that all you need is a printer, a photocopier some scissors and some sellotape.

In the magazine ‘Crisis’ the activist also points out that the advantage of asking for a loan through a company is that the debt does not appear in CIRBE which is a list of defaulters on loans in Spain.

Sources close to the activist explained that he had fled the country because he believed that the Spanish judicial system would accuse him of large scale fraud following his confession. The activist justified his action as a form of civil disobedience and said that he was making a statement against the system. He also said it was a form of protest against the banking system and an attempt to build alternatives for society. He added that it was a completely non-violent action.

Enric Duran also publishes the names of the financial institutions that he has defrauded and the amount that he is not going to pay back.

To sum up he says ‘I have robbed 492,000 euros from those who rob the most in order to denounce them and build alternatives for society’.