Spain’s top business leaders win place in world ranking

For the first time several Spanish business leaders have been included in the ranking of the World’s most respected leaders compiled each year by Pricewaterhouse Coopers and the Financial Times. Last year only one Spaniard, Jose Maria Castellanos (Inditex), managed to get into the list of the world’s most respected company directors. This year he is still included in the list, but is relegated to 50th place and joined by Emilio Botin, who earns an impressive 40th place, and Isidoro Alvarez (53rd place). Bill Gates is awarded first place in this ranking.

Furthermore, for the first time 3 Spaniards are included in the ranking of the world’s 50 most important leaders throughout history. The names on this list range from spiritual leaders (Jesus, Mother Teresa…) political or military leaders (Winston Churchill, Napoleon…), scientists and artists (Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci) aswell as top names from business, technology etc.

In this list, Emilio Botín, Chairman of the Santander Bank, takes the highest position given to a Spaniard (40th again), and is followed by Isidoro Alvarez, Chairman of El Corte Ingles (43rd place) and Amancio Ortega, founder and owner of Inditex (49th).

The rise of Emilio Botin who is included for the first time in this ranking but is awarded the the highest position of all the Spanish representatives is probably explained by his bank’s recent purchase of Abbey National.

As far as the national most respected company rankings are concerned, the results for Spain are as follows:

  1. El Corte Ingles
  2. Inditex
  3. Telefónica
  4. Repsol YPF
  5. ACS-Dragados
  6. Santander Bank
  7. Endesa
  8. BBV
  9. Iberdrola
  10. Aguas de Barcelona

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